Hello there!

This is my story.

Hi I am Annie (Anyuan), a UX&UI designer with around 2 years of experience, dedicated to creating beautiful products that are both functional and a pleasure to use. I graduated from Wuhan University in 2016 and then became a graduate student in Simon Fraser University based in Vancouver. 

My Undergraduate Study

My major in university was Digital Publishing. I picked up some software skills and gained knowledge in terms of digital media. The first time I started to learn UI design was when my school (School of Information Management, Wuhan University) was having the idea of redesigning the website. So me and several friends volunteered. We formed a small team of 5 with a teacher as a instructor. During those several months, I've developed my UI skills and found my talent and interest in designing.

My Graduate Study

After my undergraduate study, I wanted to enhance my learnings about the digital industry and improve my practical skills. That's why I chose the Master for Digital Media program, a project-based program at the Centre for Digital Media, jointly owned by UBC, SFU, Emily Carr and BCIT. Here I've developed my design knowledge systematically, including color theory, typography, layout and so on. In order to create more usable products, I took a UX course and worked some UX heavy projects.

In this program, we have cohorts with different backgrounds from 19 countries, which gives an opportunity to learn a lot of things from different people. I've gained a better understanding of how a project is going on in an agile environment and how a product is shaped during the whole process as well. Enhancing my knowledge in the digital industry, improving my practical skills, making friends and exploring cultures, needless to say Centre for Digital Media shaped me a lot.

From Now On

I am shaping my understanding of UX process and looking forward to learning from experts and gaining more professional experience as a UX&UI designer.

You can also connect with me on Linkedin or Behance or drop me an email (